Praise from Our Customers

“We hired Cantiague Electric to install a transfer switch to our electric panel for our generator, and we couldn’t be more happy with their service.

The price was extremely reasonable, and they even threw in some extras no charge. The workers were courteous, professional, and efficient.

We highly recommend their services and will definitely go back for future electric issues. Thank you!
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Cavallo Family
Huntington, NY
...courteous, professional and efficient.
I contacted several small and large contractors, all with experience in solar power installations. I chose Cantiague Electric because their response was prompt, frank and informative.

After 74 days of flawless operation I’m confident that my system will generate as much as or more electricity than Mike estimated, providing about three-quarters of the electricity we consume. With LIPA rebates and tax credits our project will pay for itself in five to six years.

In terms of avoiding the pollution of fossil fuels, we have already offset the equivalent of 18 trees. And, we’ve turned our rather nondescript cape into the coolest house in our neighborhood!
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Peter Bengelsdorf
...the coolest house in the neighborhood!
Installing Solar panels was a great financial investment for us.

When the owner of Cantiague Electric, Michael Diehl approached us with the idea of using “free energy” and (no maintenance) from the sun to produce electricity, we were intrigued. When he began to explain how switching to solar could drop our electric bills significantly, we were hooked and signed up.

The team at Cantiague Electric obtained all the building permits and designed the system for us. They then installed the system in under 4 days.

It has been almost a year since the installation and I see a strong return on the investment already.

• Installing the solar panels with Cantiague Electric has saved us a lot of “green” (electricity bills are lower). • When we are ready to sell our home, a “solar powered home” will increase the value of our home.

Not to mention the fact that it gives me great pleasure to see the electric-meter spin backwards on those bright sunny days. The conscientious team at Cantiague Electric made it easy to switch to solar. Thank you!

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The Shah Family
...conscientious team...
Going Green feels so good!

Just love watching the wheel on our electric meter rolling backwards; knowing that we are producing and using energy without pollution is huge.

Cantiague Electric was great to work with. Love Mike & Regina, for all their help and good work.
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Alice Hayden
Going Green feels so good!
Mike is a true professional and a gentleman. He explains everything up front and was true to his word. There are no surprises. All work done quickly, professionally and neatly. When work is done he follows up to make sure your system is running to its fullest. I highly recommend Cantiaque Electric. It is so nice to get my electric bill these days. Thanks Mike.
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Cliff Kane
I highly recommend...
Dear Regina and Mike; Thank you both for helping Ken and I get “off the grid” so to speak. Happy, Happy, Happy day! Just seeing the sun generate power for us is amazing. Thank you also for the bottle of wine. Ken and I will enjoy, I promise. Your “entire family” was just wonderful. Many thanks.
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Barbara and Ken
Happy, Happy, Happy day!
Cantiague Electric designed my system and took care of all the required paperwork.

I was impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of my installation. I would highly recommend them.

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I was impressed
I wanted Solar Power for a long time. Having Mike do the installation made the whole process a Win, Win, Win!
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Gregory J. Wenchell
...a Win, WIn, Win!
The installation work done on our barn was perfect.

It both looks and works great. It has been one and a half years now and everything is working well.

I would highly recommend any of my family or friends to use Cantiague Electric!
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Bob Samolewski
...use Cantiague Electric
This was really a wonderful experience. You are all terrific! Everything flowed and was very organized.

Thank you again. Here's to making lots of KWH's.

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Kathy Domingue
Patchogue, NY
You are all terrific!
My wife and I have dealt with many contractors, large and small, in the past 30+ years: a few were bad, a few good, but the one outstanding one has been Michael Diehl, owner of Cantiague Electric.

Michael doesn’t cut corners. It’s clear he KNOWS what he’s doing — and he does it extremely well. He takes great pride in his work — and he is a man of his word.

We give Michael Diehl and Cantiague Electric our highest recommendation.

During our initial conversations he was unfailingly clear because he focused on making sure he answered our questions about:

  • our options about choosing a solar system matched to our needs
  • the pros and cons and costs of each
  • the overall process of getting approvals, permits, rebates, and tax credits
  • specifically what would be required of us (and Cantiague) and how long each step would take

After we signed the contract, Cantiague managed the overall process for us — and the process requires an astonishing amount of paperwork. They kept us informed of where we were at each stage and made surprisingly accurate estimates of how long each step would take.

Once we had the approvals and Cantiague could order the panels, the only delay was several days of heavy rain — and then the actual installation was completed in about three days, with no muss or fuss. LIPA was slow with a site inspection and our Town was slow about final permit inspection — but even though they had been fully paid, Cantiague kept after both LIPA and the Town to get the inspections closed out.

Once our solar system began running, our meter has run backwards most days. Even the first month, where we had heavy snow cover on our roof for much of the billing period, our LIPA bill much lower. Since then, our monthly bill has not been above $10, consisting mainly of LIPA’s minimum service charge. At this rate, our system will pay for itself in under five years — and we won’t have used the equivalent of about a thousand gallons of imported crude oil.

Cantiague provides great customer service. Michael Diehl doesn’t just install solar systems — he sees his business as everything from guiding you to select the right system for your needs, taking on the paperwork “hassle factor” for you, and providing a system that does everything he says it will.

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Michael Fleming
...our highest recommendation