Electric Service Upgrades

hardhat iconWhen was your last electrical upgrade or inspection? Our electrical upgrade service can bring your home’s electrical system up to code – safely!

air conditioning iconIn this day and age of the ever-increasing electrical demands from air conditioning, electronics and security monitoring, we can help with upgrades like adding outlets, updating wiring, and improving efficiency to help lower your monthly electric bill while keeping your home secure.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Voltage

thermostat iconWhether you’re looking to add more outlets to your home, set up outdoor components such as security lighting, or simply to make your home more energy efficient,Cantiague Electric has the right voltage upgrade solution for you.

  • Energy efficiency will cut your electric bill.
  • Add additional outlets to a room.
  • Upgrade your voltage.
  • Add outdoor electrical components (e.g. speakers, outlets or security lighting).
  • Add basement and garage wiring.
  • Update old wiring to meet the demands of your “current” needs. This generally means replacing existing wiring throughout your home with modern options.

Whole House Surge Protection

electric plug

Whole house surge protection will keep your home safe from power surges. Surge protectors work by blocking voltage spikes.

Cantiague Electric’s home surge protection units can stop electrical spikes from destroying expensive electrical equipment and appliances in your home.

The average household has over twenty small power surges every day. These spikes in voltage can damage the internal components and wiring of your home’s electronics and appliances, reducing their life up to 30%!

electric plug with lightning boltAs for lightning, a home is rarely directly hit by lightning, but nearby strikes lightning bolts can boost electrical pressure by millions of volts, and cause extensive damage to your appliances and electronics.

Call us for an safety inspection and we can discuss what whole-house surge protection option is best for your home.