Solar Was A Great Financial Investment

Installing Solar panels was a great financial investment for us.

When the owner of Cantiague Electric, Michael Diehl approached us with the idea of using “free energy” and (no maintenance) from the sun to produce electricity, we were intrigued. When he began to explain how switching to solar could drop our electric bills significantly, we were hooked and signed up.

The team at Cantiague Electric obtained all the building permits and designed the system for us. They then installed the system in under 4 days.

It has been almost a year since the installation and I see a strong return on the investment already.

• Installing the solar panels with Cantiague Electric has saved us a lot of “green” (electricity bills are lower).
• With LIPA and Federal Tax rebates, we will able to pay the system sooner than we thought.
• When we are ready to sell our home, a “solar powered home” will increase the value of our home.

Not to mention the fact that it gives me great pleasure to see the electric-meter spin backwards on those bright sunny days. The conscientious team at Cantiague Electric made it easy to switch to solar.

Thank you

— The Shah Family
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