My wife and I have dealt with many contractors, large and small, in the past 30+ years (2 apartments and 2 houses): a few were bad, a few good, but the one outstanding one has been Michael Diehl, owner of Cantiague Electric.

Michael doesn’t cut corners. It’s clear he KNOWS what he’s doing — and he does it extremely well. He takes great pride in his work — and he is a man of his word. We give Michael Diehl and Cantiague Electric our highest recommendation.

During our initial conversations he was unfailingly clear because he focused on making sure he answered our questions about:
• our options about choosing a solar system matched to our needs
• the pros and cons and costs of each
• the overall process of getting approvals, permits, rebates, and tax credits
• specifically what would be required of us (and Cantiague) and how long each step would take

After we signed the contract, Cantiague managed the overall process for us — and the process requires an astonishing amount of paperwork. They kept us informed of where we were at each stage and made surprisingly accurate estimates of how long each step would take.

Once we had the approvals and Cantiague could order the panels, the only delay was several days of heavy rain — and then the actual installation was completed in about three days, with no muss or fuss. LIPA was slow with a site inspection and our Town was slow about final permit inspection — but even though they had been fully paid, Cantiague kept after both LIPA and the Town to get the inspections closed out.

Once our solar system began running, our meter has run backwards most days. Even the first month, where we had heavy snow cover on our roof for much of the billing period, our LIPA bill much lower. Since then, our monthly bill has not been above $10, consisting mainly of LIPA’s minimum service charge. At this rate, our system will pay for itself in under five years — and we won’t have used the equivalent of about a thousand gallons of imported crude oil.

Cantiague provides great customer service. Michael Diehl doesn’t just install solar systems — he sees his business as everything from guiding you to select the right system for your needs, taking on the paperwork “hassle factor” for you, and providing a system that does everything he says it will.

— Michael Fleming
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