Solar Pricing

It is important to stop looking at Solar Power as something that is going to cost you money, and instead look at it as something that will make you money. Even if you have to pay interest to finance your system, the investment will be in your favor. Get your tax credits and stop paying PSEGLI. Insure yourself against rising electricity rates and enjoy terrific savings!

Cantiague Solar Electric will assess your needs to provide a custom system that works best for you. We are not dealers for one particular brand of solar equipment and we do not use “one-size-fits-all” kits. Instead, we design efficient, cost effective systems that work for your home’s specific energy needs. We will also work with your building requirements and within your budget.

Because of our many relationships with national solar wholesalers, we are able to purchase solar equipment at low prices and pass on our savings to you!

We are an NABCEP Accredited and Licensed electrical contractor. We will never subcontract your electrical work or any other part of your installation to other contractors. This allows us to maintain our exceptional level of quality control.

Our installers are experienced, well trained electricians, as well as being solar installers. The work ethic and efficiency of our team results in both a flawless product and reduced labor costs. These savings are passed on to you!

Many other firms employee “solar salesmen” who work for a 5-10% commission on each successful sale. These individuals have a very limited knowledge of mechanical and electrical work. Before being in the solar indutry, they were simply “selling” other things. Their sole motivation is to get you to sign their contract. Many of them will tell you anything in order to make this happen!

Cantiague Electric does not employ salesmen. Mike Diehl, the owner of our company, will present your estimate to you. He will never misrepresent the benefits of our own installations. We want you as a long term customer. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on future electrical projects and repairs (though we certainly don’t expect repairs to your solar system!) The lack of having “solar salesmen” allows us to pass on even more financial savings to you!

Cantiague is a full service company run by a licensed Master Electrician. Keep in mind that while we install your solar system we can take care of other electrical needs at minimal cost. Ask us about generators and electrical transfer panels, too!

Sample Pricing of a 6500wdc (6.5k) Grid Tier System
Installed price $ 20,000.00
Federal tax credit - 6,000.00
State tax credit - 5,000.00
PSGELI rebate (scheduled to be discontinued) - 9,000.00

This system will pay down in 5.07 years, while returning 20% on your investment. This is an incredible 20% tax free return on your initial investment! After that, you can anticipate saving over $50,000 in the next 20 years… a terrific return on your investment! Plus, your home’s value is also significantly higher due to your solar installation!

This example system will produce 8,450 kwh per year and save you @ 21 cents per kwh, saving you $1,774.50 annually.

How To Finance Your PV System

Cash - No interest on the dealmakes this the most economical way to finance your project.

GJNY - Green Jobs New York state sponsored financing through NYSERDA offers low interest rates on projects up to $25,000 net cost. These offers usually require some contribution of customer cash.

No Money Down Loan - Offered by financial institutions for home improvements. These are secured or unsecured loans and are available at a variety of interest rates. Many do not require any cash outlay.

Home Equity Loan - A secured loan that usually has a low variable rate, as well as being tax deductible.

PPA or Solar Loan - This is the worst decision you can make. For more information on why, visit our “Don’t Lease Solar” page!

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