Solar System Repairs

We now provide solar diagnostic and repair services

If you purchased and installed a solar system from a contractor that is no longer in business (or if your contractor just didn’t come back to perform guaranteed work), we can help.

Aside from flawed installations, most problems are due to squirrel infestation underneath your solar panels. In this case, we locate the source of the problem, clear the fault, and enclose the array with a wire mesh to prevent future problems.

  • Cantiague always installs this screening on every new installation.
  • We install new panels to replace panels damaged by storms and other “impacts”.
  • We repair older PV inverters. Sometimes we can get inverter parts replaced under manufacturer warrantees.
  • We can also provide new or used equipment to match existing systems.

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Consider Installing Solar Panels Now

Homeowners who waited for solar system costs to drop have been disappointed.

While it’s true that the price of materials has dropped, the best way to lock in the lowest cost on installing a solar system is to act fast, before LIPA rebates drop again or disappear. The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay. Check out our solar pricing page here.

LIPA is still offering rebates, but the amounts will get lower and lower until the rebate budget runs out. LIPA’s rebate reserve is less than half of what it was last year. Plus, your electric bill is sure to increase as they have announced a substantial rate hike. Install a solar system now and start saving right away!

Stop wasting your money and invest in a PV system now, before it is too late!

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