Generator Transfer Panel Installation

Mayor Michael R. Koblenz of the Village of East Hills here on Long Island is urging residents to purchase generators due to the antiquated electric lines in the area. He really takes care of his people and we think it is great that he is trying to encourage them to be prepared. He really wants people to get educated about powering their own homes in order to make an educated choice, both for now and for the future.

A personal note about Hurricane Sandy…

At our home here in Westbury, we were lucky enough to already have a 5500 watt standby generator hooked into a switched generator panel. When the electric goes out (which it still does), we plug in the generator and flip the switch. Heat, the refrigerator, coffee maker, TV, DVD player, cable TV, phone, computer, internet and some lighting are on the generator. We survived very nicely. Most people have had nothing for power.