Electric Car Charger Installations

BOSCH 240 Volt Charging Stations

Count on Cantiague to help you get the most out of your green investments, including a charging station for your electric car!

We are a partner of BOSCH’s in helping people get the most from their electric vehicles.

Charge faster and drive greener with a 240V charging station.

Benefits of 240V charging include:

  • Charge your electric vehicle in half the time of using an ordinary 120V outlet
  • Reduce your fuel costs and drive more electric-only miles
  • Choose your charging location, inside or outside

Mike Diehl of Cantiague Electric is a BOSCH Certified Contractor.

Just as with everything else Mike does, he provides electric vehicle customers with exceptional craftsmanship, outstanding customer service and professional workmanship and reliability.

Contact us today for answers to your questions and fast, efficient installation of your new vehicle charging system!